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We're Counting our Blessings!

Looking back on our first annual awards program, we couldn’t be more pleased with the way things turned out. In fact, looking forward to 2018, we are VERY optimistic about what’s to come. Want to know why? We're glad you do! Because we really want to share our excitement with you, so read on!

First, in case you haven’t yet seen the post on our Facebook page, our founder, Terri J. Lee, received a very heartwarming letter this past week from award-winning actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Check it out right here:

Although this letter wasn’t a direct result of the I See You Awards®, it points out how difficult it is for indie filmmakers to not only get their projects made, but also – once they’re completed – to get proper distribution for their films. So, we’re happy to be doing our part to help indie filmmakers get the recognition they deserve.

Also, did you see the reviews the I See You Awards® received on Film Freeway? If not, you can read them here:

There are numerous other accolades, as well. Following are a few of the comments Terri has gotten from very appreciative indie filmmakers:

"This feels like the Oscars."

– Filmmaker Ant Green posting on Facebook during the awards

“Thank you so much for including 'On The Sly' in the First Annual I See You Awards. I was thrilled to see that we won for best documentary feature! I am so sorry I was unable to make it yesterday. We were playing a film festival in Chicago on Friday and Saturday and I was really hoping I would be able to make it to Detroit. But unfortunately, time didn't permit me to get there for the ceremony. I truly hope it was a success and I hope you continue to keep this program going. I certainly felt 'SEEN' and I am sure I wasn't the only filmmaker that felt that way.”

“Kudos to you!”

- Filmmaker Michael Rubenstone

“What a fantastic idea!!!! The industry is truly blessed to have someone like you promoting it! You bring so much integrity, honesty, and genuine care for helping others in everything you do. I am so grateful to know you and I look forward to supporting all that you do, you are such an inspiration.”

- Michele Labadie, mother of twin actresses Jacqueline and Elizabeth Labadie

“Hi Terri Lee, thank you so much for initiating the I See You Awards to acknowledge independent filmmaking.”

- Brooke Mallon, winner of Best Supporting Actress in the Short Film category.

“Terri, I wanted to thank you for putting on the “I See You Awards”. Festivals celebrating indie movies are so important, especially now with major studies focusing on only making and/or releasing Tent Pole movies.”

“I’m in Spain editing a movie I just directed so was unable to attend. But I was very excited to see all the awards the movie won. Always an incredible honour to win Best Director, but for me I get an even bigger thrill to see the people around me win.”

“Again tank (sp) you! I wish your festival much success in all the years to come!”

- JD Shapiro, award-winning director and writer of ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’ and the winner of Best Director in the feature film category, $100,000+

Just as the headline reads, we are certainly counting our blessings and looking forward to the year to come. If you’re an independent filmmaker and would like to take part in the Second Annual I See You Awards®, we’ll be posting the call for entries soon, so as we say in show business, stay tuned!

We see you!

If you’re not an indie filmmaker, we want you to stay tuned as well, because indie filmmakers need the support of people like you!

We appreciate you!

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