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Texoma: Everybody Vs. Clint Forest

“Texoma” takes us into the windy plains of the deep southwest. Rancher Clint Forest is being pushed and pulled in many different directions. He’s just been dumped by his girlfriend...again. She feels like Clint is too easygoing, and she doesn’t want to waste any more time with him. His ex-wife is insisting that he look into the suspicious death of an old friend. And to add a straw on the camel’s back, a rival rancher wants to take his land. But Clint will die before he lets that happen, or possibly kill.

Director Matt Jenkins loves a good story and “Texoma” is no exception. No matter if it’s a short film, documentary, or feature, Jenkins wants to produce the best possible movie. If you enjoy the storytelling of “Texoma,” consider it a continuation of his film Mirror Man.

Director Charles Stanley has a distinctive cinematic style. So distinctive, it makes his work desirable. Stanley has served on various award winning films and documentaries such as Banished Misfortune, Pray’s Passion, and The Last Dive.

With their superb storytelling skills, directors Jenkins and Stanley show us how the threads of love, money, rivalry, and death sew the lives of the people in the “Texoma” area together. For viewers, I’m sure it will be interesting to see how the land can hold the clues to solve one death, while preparing for another.

“Texoma" is one of the entrants in the 2nd Annual I See You Awards. The official nominations will be announced on or before July 14, 2018.

This year’s festivities will begin on Thursday, August 23rd, with a full day of nominated film screenings, and will continue throughout the weekend. The events will conclude on Sunday, August 26th, with a black tie/ blue carpet awards ceremony at the Emagine Theater in Royal Oak.

As mentioned above, the official nominees and selections will be announced soon. Until the nominations are announced, you can get a taste of what “Texoma” has to offer by watching the trailer below.

To the cast and crew of “Texoma”...we see you!

The 2018 awards are sponsored by the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office, Emagine Entertainment, WWJ Newsradio 950, the Lee Group and Randazzo Formal Wear.

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