2018 I See You Awards® Nominees Are Revealed!

Thank you to all of the filmmakers who submitted their films into the 2018 I See You Awards®! After watching all of the films that were submitted, our judges had a very difficult job selecting which films would be official selections, as well as selecting the individual nominees. See below for the list of our 2018 official selections:

Feature Film Category

Africa: Through the Eyes of a Visionaire

Writer/Director/Producer: Timashion Jones

Writer/Producer: Waka Desalegn

Detroit Under STRESS

Writer/Producer/Director: David Van Wie

Producers: Gardner Cole & Ritta Yee-Fagain

Last Words

Writer/Director: Anthony T. Green

Love Espionage – Spy Revenge

Writer/Producer/Director: Charlene Jeter

One Bedroom

Writer/ Producer/Director: Darien Sills-Evans

Title VII

Director: Nicole L. Franklin

Writers: Nicole L. Franklin and Craig T. Williams

The Ghost of Tacande

Writer/Director: Antonio Manuel Fernandez Lorenzo

Producer: Islaimagen S.L.

Short Film Category

After Ashes

Writer/Director/Producer: Jesse McAnally

Producer: Frederick McAnally

B Love

Writer/Producer/Director: Shahari Moore

Producer/Director: Christine List

Brooks People

Writer/Producer/Director: Shahari Moore

Dress Rehearsal

Writer/Producer/ Director: Michael Boston

Justifiable Homicide

Writer/Producer/Director: Tameka Citchen-Spruce

Directors: Tameka Citchen-Spruce, Michael Johnson, Starlette Rowland

Lemon Eyes

Writer/Producer/Director: Chelsey Raegen Knapp

Producers: Chelsey Raegen Knapp, Matthew Peach, Mike Madigan

Red Crayon

Writer/Director: Charlotte Carroll

Producer: Joy Gharoro=Akpojotor

Tell Him

Writer/Director: Virginia Bach

Producer: Julien Russo

Tender Vow

Writer/Producer/Director: Ashton K Bracciodieta

Writers/Producers: R. Louis Smith, Ashton K Bracciodieta

The Last Lesson

Writer/Producer/Director: Gemal Woods

Producers: Erica S. Woods, Theo Hollingsworth

The Singer

Writer/Producer/Director: Dr. Steven Swancoat

Producer: Matthew Cooper

Individual Nominees – Short Films

Best Director

Jesse McAnally, After Ashes

Shahari Moore and Christine List, B Love

Michael Boston, Dress Rehearsal

Charlotte Carroll, Red Crayon

Virginia Bach, Tell Him

Gemal Woods, The Last Lesson

Dr. Steven Swancoat, The Singer

Best Lead Actor