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A Taste of Hollywood in Detroit!

Every year in August, we bring a little bit of Hollywood to Metro Detroit.  But, why should August have all the fun?

Join us on Thursday, December 12, 2019 for A Taste of Hollywood in Detroit!


  • Plenty of fun

  • Games, Hollywood-style of course

  • Prizes

  • Complimentary light appetizers

  • Music

  • Cash bar

Remember Hollywood Squares? Well, this is your chance to take part in this fun game. We've lined up several celebrities to take part:

Theme Song Contest

How good are you at guessing theme songs from some of your favorite movies?

Our Theme Song Contest will give you a chance to find out! We'll play several theme songs from popular movies and whoever gets the most songs right will win! For example, who doesn't know the following song and movie!

We can't guarantee that it'll be that easy, but it will be fun!

But, that's not all! We have much more fun in store, but we don't want to give everything away, so just make sure you're there so you don't miss out! Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Hope to SEE YOU there!

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