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Our Mission

The mission of the "I See You Awards®" is to recognize and reward low-budget  independent filmmakers.

The "I See You Awards®" fill a niche and create a platform for recognizing independent filmmakers that is currently missing in mainstream Hollywood.


Whether your talent is in front of the camera or behind it, we have a category for you. 

Terri Talks Movies!

Our founder, Terri Lee Chandler, hosts the podcast "Terri Talks Movies," which can be heard on six different platforms.

In the podcast, "Terri Talks Movies," our founder, Terri Lee Chandler, talks about everything movies.  You might hear her give a rundown of some of her favorite family films, review the latest movies available for streaming and/or in theaters, interviewing and talking with special-invited guests, and more.

To learn more about "Terri Talks Movies" and listen to the latest show, click here to be connected to our blog post with all the details as well as links to tune in.

Prefer to skip to the front of the line?  Here are the platforms where the show is currently available:




Google Podcasts (currently, this link will only work on Android devices)


Pocket Casts





Thanks in advance for listening!  We appreciate your support!

2021 Call for Entries Is Now Open!

The I See You Awards® proudly accepts entries on FilmFreeway, the world's #1 way to enter film festivals and creative contests.

Read the comments and watch the video below to see what people are saying about the I See You Awards®, then make plans to submit your project today!  

4th Annual Awards Ceremony Receives

Rave Reviews!

Who could have known what to expect while trying to produce a successful awards ceremony during a global pandemic?  No one!

But, in the face of uncertainty, we decided to forge ahead, and as a result, our perseverance paid off with rave reviews!  See below for one example:

Video courtesy, Quentin Howell, Digital Dream Studios

Here are more examples of what indie filmmakers are saying about the 2020 I See You Awards®:

"What an amazing festival, from communication to quality of the online show itself. Corona has been a struggle for everyone but I See You Awards handled with such professionalism and vigor. Not only did they make sure everyone understood what to do and how to do it but it was a true example of how all festivals should be communicating to their audiences and artists. Take note festivals, this is how it's done!" - Kyle Couch

"This year is the first year I have had a film in festivals, and of course Corona came calling and I am missing out on the real-life experience of meeting other filmmakers, attending awards ceremonies and seeing the wonderful films being offered. But Terri and crew made this an amazing festival, great communication with the filmmakers, selecting a diverse array of films, putting on a classy awards ceremony online...I found myself clapping along with them. Congrats Terri, everyone who helps make the festival happen, and to all the filmmakers!! - Barbara Barton


Indie Film!

When's the last time you read our blog?  When's the last time you checked out some of Terri's work?

If your answer to either of those questions wasn't "today", then you've been missing out!

Take some time "today" to check out Terri's latest indie filmmaker profiles of Paige Alston and Michael McCallum, both of whom are I See You Awards® alumni!

Indie filmmaker Paige Alston, holding poster, center

Photo courtesy, Paige Alston

You can read and/or listen to Terri's profile of Alston by clicking here.

Indie filmmaker Michael McCallum

Photo courtesy, Rebel Pictures

You can read and/or listen to Terri's profile of McCallum by clicking here.