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Award-winning Indie Filmmaker Andre Key to help judge "I See You Awards"

Andre Key is a seasoned freelance Cinematographer/Director of Photography specializing in shooting, directing and editing. He is a multiple award-winning director, earning such accolades as best director and best movie.

For more than 15 years, Andre has been successfully shooting, directing, and collaborating with agencies, corporations and TV networks. His client list includes the University of Michigan, Detroit Opera House, ESPN, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, NBC and The Walt Disney Company. Here, Andre talks about his career as a low-budget independent filmmaker.

1. What is your experience in the film industry, either as a film critic and/or as an independent filmmaker?

Industry experience: I have been the director of photography on quite a few independent films. I have directed several short films.

2. How did you initially get involved in the film industry?

I saw an independent movie being made in Florida many years ago, and I decided right then this was the career for me.

3. Why, in your opinion, are awards programs important?

Awards programs are important because they encourage creativity, and they sharpen the entire crew with experience.

4. What is the value of having an awards program specifically for low-budget independent filmmakers?

The value of any awards program keeps the fire alive in the filmmakers. They prove you don’t need a big budget to be a filmmaker and be acknowledged.

5. If you've ever entered an awards program for a film project you've worked on, what was your experience?

I have had several films in contests and festivals and the experience was really great. The skills you learn from having a quick deadline and turnaround will pay off big time in your career.

6. Any advice for independent filmmakers?

My advice to any filmmaker: NEVER stop! Your visions have to come out, your stories have to be told!

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