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Need Help with Your Script?

Stuck in a rut? Can't figure out what should happen next? You might be surprised at how many people find themselves in situations like this.

If you need help with your script, we know just where you can go to get the help you're looking for., founded by Geoffrey D. Calhoun, features a number of award-winning screenwriters and indie filmmakers. Calhoun, in fact, has had several screenplays optioned and has won numerous awards. And, we're proud to announce that is a new sponsor of The First Annual I See You Awards®. will have a representative at the awards program on Sunday, August 27th, and their representative will be looking forward to meeting you and telling you more about their services and how they can help "fix your script!"

Wouldn't it be great to sell your screenplay? And wouldn't it also be great to write a screenplay that's award winning? Yes and yes! Well, the first step to doing either is writing a screenplay that grabs attention from the very beginning and keeps the reader interested. After all, a great movie starts with a great script.

Look for the table upon entering the Bel Air Luxury Cinema. Their table will be right out front so you won't be able to miss it.

Don't have your tickets yet? The awards are less than a week ago, so what are you waiting for?

Tickets to the film screenings are $25.00 and are good for the entire day! To purchase your ticket to the film screenings ONLY, click on this Eventbrite link.

To purchase a $50.00 ticket which is good for the film screenings AND the awards, click on this Eventbrite link.

Remember, your $50.00 ticket is good for admission into BOTH events.

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