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A Lesson Unlike Any Other

What do you do when you’re in Oakland, California working on a project and you get inspired? If you’re Director Gemal Woods, you make a film. But this is not just any film. The Last Lesson shines a light on the tenacity and spirit of the East Oakland community. Woods was inspired by the East Oakland Boxing Association, a non-profit gym that is heavily involved in the community and provides tutoring and education on food and nutrition.

The East Oakland Boxing Association is the background of this short film; and Sophia, an aspiring boxer, is placed in the center of it all.

Sophia has dreams, and it will take more than she ever thought she possessed, to achieve them. An esteemed boxing trainer will attempt to give her the fuel she needs to pursue her dreams, and teach her a lesson unlike any other.

Woods is not a rookie to the filmmaking world. He has been creating content for longer than a decade. For this project, he called on the talents of his friends and a former intern to assist with casting and production. The East Oakland community played a huge part in the making of The Last Lesson, and within three visits, the cast and crew created this touching story. For Woods, promoting the mission of the gym and uplifting young girls were two of the most important factors he kept in mind during the filmmaking process.

To the cast and crew of The Last Lesson, we not only applaud your hard work...but we see you!

The Last Lesson is one of the entrants in the 2nd Annual I See You Awards®. The festivities will begin on Thursday, August 23rd with a full day of nominated film screenings, and will continue throughout the weekend. The events will conclude on Sunday, August 26th, with a black tie/ blue carpet awards ceremony at the Emagine Theater in Royal Oak. The official nominees and selections with be announced soon.

If you’re an independent filmmaker, it is time to be seen! You still have time to submit your film and possibly be included in the 2nd Annual I See You Awards®. For details on how to submit your film or screenplay for consideration, click here.

The 2018 awards are sponsored by the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office, Emagine Entertainment, WWJ Newsradio 950 and the Lee Group.

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