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Announcing The I See You Awards® Indie Filmmaker Spotlight!

The I See You Awards® wants to help low-budget independent filmmakers gain recognition and exposure! After all, that’s what’s going to help propel your career to the next level! So, we’ve developed something special just for you!

Once a month, we are going to be featuring an indie filmmaker as part of our new "Indie Filmmaker Spotlight.” This will be your opportunity to shine a spotlight on yourself and your career. We’d like to know how and why you became an indie filmmaker. We’d also like to hear about any projects you may be working on, as well as any projects you have planned for the future. Won any awards? Attending any festivals? Have some inspiration to share? We want to hear about it! If you’re selected, you’ll be featured on our website as well as on our social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What’s the catch, you ask?

There’s only one: we’re going to select filmmakers from those who are subscribed to our mailing list. So, if you want to participate in this wonderful opportunity, you’ll have to subscribe to the list. You can do so on the home page of our website. But, hurry! We’re going to randomly select the first indie filmmaker to be profiled on September 18th! Someone's going to be first! Will it be you?

We see you! And we want to help you thrive in your career!

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