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Announcing Our New Affiliate Partnerships!

The I See You Awards® is proud to announce that we have just secured two new affiliate partnerships!

We now have affiliate agreements with and with Atom Tickets!

If you love movies like we do, you can purchase your tickets in advance so you won't have to wait in line when you get to the theater. Get your tickets in advance, avoid the line, stock up on the popcorn and then proceed right to the auditorium!

"Peppermint" starring Jennifer Garner is new in theaters this weekend, and trust us, there'll be plenty of people getting tickets to see it. There will also be plenty of people heading to the theater to see The Nun. So, get your tickets in advance by clicking on this link.

Special Movie Ticket Promotion

Save money by purchasing your tickets online! Right now, Atom Tickets has a promotion offering a free ticket after you see 4 movies! Visit their website for all the details.

And the next time you visit, you can access their website right from our home page.

Thank you in advance for supporting the I See You Awards and independent film!

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