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Indie Filmmaker Scores Big With "Revenge of the Mask"

A Detroit-based filmmaker is releasing a very highly-anticipated short film Friday night. "Revenge of the Mask" marks the relaunch of the Dark Horse Comics fan favorite, and it's the latest project from indie filmmaker Lance Kawas.

"It's a darker version of "The Mask," which was done by Jim Carrey," Kawas, told I See You Awards® founder Terri Lee during a studio interview at WWJ Newsradio 950 this week. "Jim Carrey took it in a different direction; more comedic. This is more ... this is the real deal. This is the way it's supposed to be told, because the real comic book is actually very dark and bloody; and there's an element of humor -- dark humor -- in it, so we stuck to the real essence of what the Dark Horse comic series is about."

Fans are obviously excited to see this version. Less than a month after the trailer was released on YouTube, it racked up more than 8 million views ... and now has more than nine million views and counting.

"It's that insatiable appetite for "The Mask," Kawas said. "There's a big following ... so we are very excited about that. We weren't anticipating to have this many people watching it, but when we released it, it just went viral. And everything we've released has gone ... viral."

Kawas has high praise for his entire team, and he was especially proud to heap praise on two actors in particular: Detroit-based actor Michael Bugard and Tim Parrish.

"I have to compliment a local actor who is actually underrated," Kawas said. "His name is Michael Bugard. He brought it on. He stuck to his character. And, I want to thank also Tim Parrish, who also plays another leading role, who also was very patient because of the weather and the wetness and the cold, and he also brought it. These two characters played one role."

Executive Producer Dylan Sides brought the two actors to Kawas' attention.

"Dylan Sides, who knows these two gentlemen, brought them on. And when I sat with them and we rehearsed, I knew right away it was a good decision."

The rest of the cast was made up of Metro Detroit-based actors, as well as the crew.

"Everything was done right here in Michigan by talented people," Kawas said. "They were looking for something like this to happen ... and these guys stepped up to the plate."

And now, the world will get a chance to see the work of Kawas and his talented cast and crew. "Revenge of the Mask" makes its world debut on YouTube at precisely 9:00 pm on Friday, November 30th. Get a sneak peek behind the scenes by checking out Terri's interview with Kawas on the I See You Awards® YouTube channel. And while you're there, be sure to subscribe for more exciting movie news and reviews!

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