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Docu-Series Black, Beautiful, Brilliant Hand Picks Awards Founder, Terri Lee Chandler to Join Panel

Pictured (left to right): Sylvia Crawford, Kim Bettie, Terri Lee Chandler, Tonya Shirelle and Porsha Mitchell.

A new project is already generating a lot of buzz, and it hasn't even officially launched yet! It's the upcoming docu-series Black, Beautiful, Brilliant.

Black, Beautiful, Brilliant was created by self-described serial entrepreneur Tonya Shirelle, whose background includes high-level positions in corporate America, as well as several successful entrepreneurial ventures. Her latest venture, one that's creating a lot of buzz, is Black, Beautiful, Brilliant, which includes a docu-series and a book. The goal of the project is to empower and connect black women and remove some of the barriers that black women face.

"It has almost been taboo for black women to embrace their beauty and brilliance, Shirelle told the I See You Awards®. "There are so many things that divide us. We are going to change that narrative.”

The docu-series consists of roundtable discussions about the evolution of the black woman, the stereotypes and expectations, etc. It also focuses on what the panel members and guests of the show are doing as it relates to that evolution. The book will outline each panel member's journey to getting where they are today.

Our founder, Terri Lee Chandler, was hand picked to join the panel by Black, Beautiful, Brilliant founder Tonya Shirelle. In addition to Chandler and Shirelle, the other panelists are Sylvia Crawford, an entrepreneur and community developer; Porsha Mitchell, editor in chief of Rolling Out Detroit; and Life Coach Kim Bettie, based in Atlanta.

Black, Beautiful, Brilliant will officially launch on Saturday,l May 11, 2019, just in time for Mother's Day. There will be a launch party featuring excerpts from the show that initially will be seen on Facebook, along with merchandise, including specially-designed t-shirts, coffee mugs, candles and more. At a recent pop-up event, several of the items sold out! So, be sure to mark your calendars and stay tuned for ticket information because you won't want to miss the launch party!

For more on Black, Beautiful, Brilliant, visit them on Facebook.

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