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Announcing the 5th Annual I See You Awards® Official Selections and Nominations!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

This is the day everyone at the I See You Awards® looks forward to every year from the moment the Call for Entries goes out! That’s because it’s our mission to recognize and reward the accomplishments of independent filmmakers, and because we know how much it means to all of the filmmakers who have submitted their projects. It’s the day we announce the I See You Awards® official selections! So, without further adieu, here are the 2021 I See You Awards® official selections and individual nominees!

Official Selections – Student Films


Writer: Jacob Horne (adaptation)

Bob Krakower (original play)

Producers: Kurt Eli Mayry, Kathryn McDermott and Scott Norman

Director: Jacob Horne

Synopsis: 4AM is the story of how Men and Women fail to communicate at a late night diner. Adapted from the one act play by Bob Krakower.


Writers: Jarod D. Clark, Kat McGowan and Kelsey O’Brien

Producers: Jarod D. Clark and Kelsey O’Brien

Director: Jarod D. Clark

Synopsis: In the distant future, Ed Meade, a fire lookout living alone in the forest is forced to rethink his future when a visitor arrives and informs him that his job is being replaced with “better technology”.


Writer/Producer/Director: Delores M. Flynn

Producer: Julie Devine

Synopsis: A woman suffering from postpartum depression leaves her family and comes back years later to deal with the fallout.

The Color of Hate

Writer/Producer/Director: Delores M. Flynn

Synopsis: An interracial love story set hours before the Detroit riot in 1967.

Individual Nominees – Student Films

Best Director

Jarod D. Clark, Desuetude

Delores M. Flynn, mama

Jacob Horne, 4AM (Based on the play by Bob Krakower)

Best Lead Actor Nominees

Dale Dobson, Desuetude

Keanu Sousa Mendes, mama

Sully Wood, 4AM (Based on the play by Bob Krakower)

Best Supporting Actor Nominees

Dhinesh Raja Kannan, 4AM (Based on the play by Bob Krakower

Connor McBain, 4AM (Based on the play by Bob Krakower)

Jeffrey McMahon, Desuetude

Best Lead Actress Nominees

Victoria Swan, 4AM (Based on the play by Bob Krakower)

Ashley Douglas, mama

Best Supporting Actress Nominees


Best Cast




Best Original Screenplay

Jarod D. Clark, Kat McGowan and Kelsey O’Brien, Desuetude

Jacob Horne, 4AM (Based on the play by Bob Krakower) (adaptation)

Delores M. Flynn, mama

Best Editing

Joshua Brockett, 4AM (Based on the play by Bob Krakower)

Calvin Johns, mama

Best Soundtrack

Michael Hilgendorf, 4AM

Best Cinematography

Jake Cypert, 4AM (Based on the play by Bob Krakower)

Brendan Sheardy, mama

Jackson Stormer, Desuetude

Best Picture

4AM (Based on the play by Bob Krakower)



Hottest Up-and-Coming Actor (Student Films)

Dhinesh Raja Kannan, 4AM (Based on the play by Bob Krakower)

Keanu Sousa Mendes, The Color of Hate

Hottest Up-and-Coming Actress (Student Films)

Madison Coates, mama

Ashley Douglas, The Color of Hate

Official Selections – Short Film Category – Michigan Made Films

A Basement Film

Writer/Producer/Director: Katelin Maylum

Synopsis: A Basement Film" is about Matilda, an English major at U of M Ann Arbor, who is struggling to find her way through mental illness and other personal issues such as bad self-esteem and hooking up with the wrong dudes. Matilda decides to go home for the weekend and with all of her buddies, they smoke, do mushrooms, and try to handle the several catastrophes and stresses that occur with coming of age and realizing that you're a hot mess.

A People’s History

Writer: Matt Harmon

Producer: Becca Messner

Directors: Ben Focht and Cade Mirabitur

Synopsis: When Ford Motor Company announces plans to buy the former Michigan Central Station, Charlie, an innocent collector, makes plans to anonymously return the clock that once hung at the station.

Detroit Landmarks: Inspiration

Writer/Producer/Director: Dr. William Hustzi

Synopsis: In this uncertain time of pandemic my family and I resigned to make something beautiful. The result is a film composition celebrating the people and architecture of several places of worship in the Detroit area. This film is dedicated to the memory of my father (Michigan COVID #132) and my graduate Sophia, Class of 2020.

Feminine Shadow

Writer/Producer/Director: Kelly Karam

Synopsis: An old man reconnects with his deceased wife by embracing his feminine shadow.

Portrait of Tracy

Writer/Producer: Jasmine J. Beane

Directors: Jasmine J. Beane, Deborah Lane Spencer

Synopsis: A visual piece about the adverse affects of the unjust killings of Black people during the pandemic. Portrait of Tracy follows a young woman as she processes the current climate without the distractions of work, friends or play.

Project Horror

Writers: Rob E, Albert Gerber

Producers: Carrie Holland, Sean Holland, Bobby Laenen

Director: Rob E

Synopsis: A birthday party takes a dark turn. What happened the night of Beth's birthday party? Will Jamie be able to help Agent 1 in solving the mysterious events that unfolded? The world of horror will change forever.

Run Girl Run

Writer/Director: J.Q. Nelson

Synopsis: Allison Pfaendler's goal is to win the Detroit Free Press marathon. As she trains for the marathon, she is suddenly intercepted by 3 muggers, which is a chase that tests her stamina.

Without Grace

Writer/Director: Corey Milton

Producers: Corey Milton, Chin Yang, Dau Yang

Synopsis: A aspiring musician abandons his identity to seek revenge when his love is taken from him.

Individual Nominees – Short Films – Michigan Made Films

Best Director

Rob E, Project Horror

Dr. William Huszti, Detroit Landmarks: Inspiration

Kelly Karam, Feminine Shadow

Corey Milton, Without Grace

Best Lead Actor

Tony Calabrese, A Basement Film

Daniel Jeffries, Without Grace

Bobby Laenen, Project Horror

Best Supporting Actor

Joshua Bootz, Run Girl Run

Brian Heintz, Project Horror

Justin Mane, Without Grace

Ammar Nemo, Project Horror

Best Lead Actress


Best Supporting Actress

Callie Bussell, Project Horror

Allyson L. Smith, Run Girl Run

Best Cast

Project Horror

Without Grace

Best Original Screenplay

Rob E and Albert Gerber, Project Horror

Kelly Karam, Feminine Shadow

Katelin Maylum, A Basement Film

Corey Milton, Without Grace

J.Q. Nelson, Run Girl Run

Best Editing

Rob E, Project Horror

Roger Haggart and Nate Klenk, Feminine Shadow

Dr. William Huszti, Detroit Landmarks: Inspiration

Corey Milton, Without Grace

Best Score

Project Horror

Martin Cilia, Run Girl Run

Noah J. Teachey, Detroit Landmarks: Inspiration

Best Cinematography

Roger Haggart, Feminine Shadow

Dr. William Huszti, Detroit Landmarks: Inspiration

Andrew Sosa, Project Horror

Dau Yang, Without Grace

Best Picture

Detroit Landmarks: Inspiration

Feminine Shadow