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Catch The Excitement as the I See You Awards® Goes Global!

The coronavirus pandemic caused a big change in plans for this year's I See You Awards®, but we have found a way to adapt!

As you may know, because of the pandemic, a large number of events, such as concerts and film festivals, have either postponed or canceled their 2020 plans altogether. We kept a close eye on the situation for months while we considered our options. Once it became clear that large gatherings were going to be a no-no, we decided that it would be best to hold the 4th Annual I See You Awards® as a virtual event. So, this year, the I See You Awards® is going global!

Starting on Thursday, August 20, the films that are official selections of the 2020 I See You Awards® will be available for streaming online. That means they will be available for viewing by a worldwide audience! And tickets are available now!

To see our exciting lineup and purchase tickets, visit our online channel by clicking here.

People's Choice Awards

Just like every year, the official selections are vying to win a coveted I See You Awards® People's Choice Award. To vote for your favorites to win in the Short Film and/or Feature Film category, you can:

  1. Vote in the text-based comments section after viewing the film(s), or

  2. Send an email with the name of the film you are nominating to:

Ticket Information!

Tickets to the I See You Awards® virtual film festival are now on sale! So, why not get your's today so you'll be all set when the festival opens on August 20th!

And remember, since the screenings are all online, you'll have the opportunity to watch the films anytime at your convenience, starting at 12:00 midnight on August 20th, through 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 27th (all times EST)!

Tickets are available by clicking here!

The 4th Annual I See You Awards® are sponsored by the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office, Emagine Entertainment, Final Draft, Paramount, and WWJ Newsradio 950, with additional partners Randazzo Formal Wear, The Lee Group, ES Communications Agency and Casey Sign Company.

We're global, baby!

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