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Facebook Launches #BuyBlackFriday to Support Black-Owned Businesses

Hey indie filmmakers! You're business owners, too! So, get ready to jump on the Facebook bandwagon and enjoy the support of the social media juggernaut!

From October 30 to November 27, 2020, every Friday is #BuyBlackFriday. In a press release issued by Facebook, the social networking site notes that due to the coronavirus, a staggering 41% of U.S. Black-owned businesses have shut down. So, #BuyBlackFriday is an opportunity to help by buying from Black-owned businesses.

All of us at the I See You Awards® want to do our part to help, too. So, we're encouraging everyone who loves indie film as much as we do, to support Black-owned businesses. And that includes filmmakers! If your film has a Black writer, producer, director and/or talent in a lead role, let us know about it.

Starting on Friday, October 30, we are going to feature a list of qualifying projects on our website and social media pages. But, we won't know about it unless you tell us. To be included, send us information on your project(s) along with a link(s) so people will know how to support you and where to buy and/or download your work. And, yes, we'll also be encouraging everyone to support the I See You Awards® as well!

How big will this campaign be?

During the second quarter of this year, Facebook reported almost 1.79 BILLION daily active users. On a monthly basis, Facebook has over 2.7 BILLION active users. That's a whole lotta people that you have the potential to reach. So, start planning your promotional campaigns now! Send an email with your information to

We see you and we want to hear from you!

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