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I See You Awards® Partners with Actor/Musician Phil Elam to Support Forgotten Harvest

Award-winning Detroit-based actor and musician Phil Elam and the I See You Awards® are partnering to help provide much-needed financial assistance to organizations focused on helping healthcare workers, food banks and artists who have been severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Elam, a multiple I See You Awards® winner, will donate the streaming royalties from his upcoming single release “With You All The Way” to Forgotten Harvest.

Lee, founder of the I See You Awards®, will donate 50-percent from all product sales purchased from the Awards’ newly-launched online store to four U.S. charities that are part of Feeding America, starting with Forgotten Harvest.

“We’re pleased to be a part of this initiative,” said Tim Hudson, chief development officer of Forgotten Harvest.   “We’re extremely grateful for the donations that will be coming in because they are definitely needed in these uncertain times.”

When asked about his take on the unprecedented challenges and unease COVID-19 has placed upon the world, Elam says he believes it is an artist’s responsibility to use the privilege that being an artist provides to help others.

It is SO important today that each of us, in any way possible, spread love and do anything we can to help ease the suffering we’re all experiencing during this global pandemic,” Elam said. “Working with Terri Lee and the I See You Awards® to help provide assistance to organizations focused on helping the people who need it most makes perfect sense during these uncertain times.”

“The I See You Awards® was launched four years ago to recognize and reward the achievements of low-budget independent filmmakers,” Lee said. “With productions on hold indefinitely, this puts a hardship on many artists who make a living through their artistry. I am joining Phil in this effort because I believe it is important to support those in need during this difficult time.”

With You All The Way” Becomes An Anthem For Hope

The idea to release Elam’s upcoming single “With You All The Way” for the purpose of bringing hope to others was born after the owners of Royal Oak, Michigan’s New Species CrossFit asked Elam and his partner to perform an a cappella harmony of the song during a recent online virtual community late night get-together. It wasn’t long until the thought occurred to see if it was possible to spread the experience to others.

“It felt great being able to provide a little feel-good love and relief,” Elam said. “It was so easy taking the next step to work towards trying to help others in need on a more concrete level.”

“With You All The Way” will be available for streaming on all streaming platforms at 12:00am on Friday, August 17, 2020. isten to the song and watch the music video here: .

The I See You Awards® online store is currently up and running at

How Funds Will Be Distributed

Funds will be distributed to charities on a monthly basis to the following charities:

Forgotten Harvest

Detroit, MI

Atlanta Community Food Bank

Atlanta, GA

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

Los Angeles, CA

Food Bank for New York City

New York, NY

About Forgotten Harvest

Oak Park, Michigan-based Forgotten Harvest was formed in 1990 to fight two problems: hunger and waste. Forgotten Harvest “rescued” almost 45 million pounds of food last year by collecting surplus prepared and perishable food from over 800 locations, including grocery stores, fruit and vegetable markets, restaurants, caterers, dairies, farmers, wholesale food distributors and other Health Department-approved sources. This donated food, which would otherwise go to waste, is delivered free-of-charge to over 250 emergency food providers in the metro Detroit area.

Be part of the solution or to learn more go to:

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