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"If You Do What You Love, You're Not Really Working"

Our mission at the I See You Awards® is to recognize and reward the accomplishments of low-budget independent filmmakers. So, we thought it would be apropos to expand on our efforts to shine a spotlight on indie filmmakers through the launch of a regular series of blog posts featuring members of the indie film community. Kicking off the first one of 2022 is a profile of Los Angeles, California-based independent filmmaker Bryan Bostic.

It was an 8mm camera, originally purchased by his grandmother to document family trips, that ushered Bostic, a native of LA, into filmmaking. His grandmother knew he had a fascination with movies, so she encouraged her then-12-year-old grandson to use the camera to record neighborhood productions of boxing matches and karate movies. While in high school, Bostic began to shape his passion for film even more, when he took a drama class and learned how to write scripts.

After taking a gap year immediately following high school, Bostic attended college and decided to focus on film. It was at LA City College where he met his future business partner, Jeff Gordon. The two not only connected on the art of filmmaking, but they also had similar visions for their careers that didn’t include being lost in the shuffle of production assistants at a large film studio.

We didn’t want to get coffee. That works for a lot of people because they feel like they’re around filmmaking. We wanted to make films. For me, I have to do it to learn it. I have to actually apply it.” - Bryan Bostic

Enter Bostic’s business-minded brother, Maurice Lockhart. With the business skills of Lockhart and the filmmaking knowledge and creative works of Gordon and Bostic, Professional Hood Entertainment was born in 2006. Then Bostic hit a roadblock that many independent filmmakers collide with on their filmmaking journeys. Bostic needed to make money. And make money, he did. But it wasn’t with film.

“I got hired in the Sheriff's Department in late 2005. I was in work mode for 10 years. Then it got to a point where it made me feel like I was just a number. I started thinking, if you do what you love, you’re not really working. What do I love? I thought about film. I love making movies. I went back to school to finish my Bachelors {Degree}.”

In 2015, the future I See You Awards-winner, decided to go back to school at Cal State Dominguez Hills College, and learn everything he could about filmmaking from lighting to editing. Always being a step ahead, Bostic knew just learning the craft wasn’t enough. He intentionally sought out classmates and film students that believed in his vision, and he began to build a team.

“The hardest part was building a team of people that were like minded. I met my crew and all the people that help me on this journey to get better, in school. Now, we all have the same goal in mind.”

With a team in place, Professional Hood Entertainment (PHE) was rebooted and continued the path toward becoming an entertainment powerhouse. The production company not only provides video and audio production services, but they also provide script development, visual art designs, merchandise and DJ services.

Also, when Lockhart and Bostic saw a need for independent filmmakers to have an avenue to showcase their work while retaining a great portion of their profit, they created their own streaming service,

Bostic, right, on set with Lead Actor, Taylor

Byron Barr.

Pictured below right: Actress Rajane Devlugt

on set with Davion Pussie' (left), voiced by

Myron L. Mayberry

“Talking to my brother, he said we can make our own site. If we are going to do the footwork…we can get a server and we can have our own movies on our own site”.

One of the most popular films on the site, and with audiences, is the award-winning short film, Pussie Control 2: Night at the Drive In, a special award winner at the 5th annual I See You Awards in August 2021. Bostic was cleaning out his garage when he came across a puppet cat and inspiration hit. After composing the script, he discussed the idea with his brother, who came up with the suggestion to have a family friend, Myron L. Mayberry, voice the overprotective feline, Davion Pussie’. When it came to the lead female character, Tiana, he entrusted the task to actress Rajane Devlugt. Coach Carter and Intended Parents actor, Taylor Byron Barr, rounds out the lead cast. He plays the role of Ryan, a smooth playboy. The short film takes you on a ride to a drive-in movie theater. With the feature film, Pussie Control and the short film Pussie Control 2: Night at the Drive In, being such hits with audiences. Bostic sees the Pussie Control storyline expanding.

“Right now, I’m writing part 2 of the feature {film} and we’re planning on shooting part 2 {in 2022}.”

What’s next for Bostic? He currently has the suspense feature film, The One You Want, circulating in film festivals. He also has several projects in the works including the feature film Here They Go, and a web series.

Bostic has 31 short films and 2 feature films under his belt. Since the age of 12, film has played a part in his life. From an 88mm camera, originally purchased to document family trips, to now having his films take him on trips around the world, Bostic proves that a dream deferred is not a dream denied.

“The greatest part is film is allowing me the opportunity to travel and meet different people. Having the movie being seen in different states and different countries is amazing to me”.

We couldn’t agree more! Bryan Bostic, we see you!


Our Mission

Our mission at the I See You Awards® is to recognize and reward the accomplishments of independent filmmakers. Do you want to see your film listed in a future Indie Movie Directory? Are you one of the next I See You Awards® winners? Now’s the time to submit your project(s) and find out! The call for submissions into the 6th Annual I See You Awards® is now open! Submissions are accepted in the following categories: Short Films/Webisodes/Music Videos, Feature Films, Documentary Films (short and feature-length) and Screenplays.

Also, for the first time, we added a category just for filmmakers who enjoy making movies on their cell phones or other smart devices! It’s our Cell Phone Video Challenge! Short films (up to 30 minutes in length) that were made using a smart device are eligible to submit.

You can get more information and the link to submit here:

The regular submission deadline is February 25, 2022.

So, what are you waiting for? We see you and we want to see what you’ve been up to!


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