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Keep Grinding! Keep Rising!

Everyone at the I See You Awards® is ecstatic that as we prepare to celebrate our 5th year of recognizing and rewarding the achievements of independent filmmakers, we have reached another major milestone!

We received a record number of submissions in one day last week! Can we get a round of applause?!

We'd also like to say "THANK YOU" to all of the filmmakers and screenwriters who have submitted their projects so far this year, and of course, to all those who have been a part of the I See You Awards® over the past four years! It's been our goal from the beginning to strive to be the best of the best so that everyone who's affiliated with us will be proud to be a part of our team and one of our esteemed alumni. We want everyone to feel like family, and based on some of the feedback we've received over the years, we're achieving our goal.

Here's a sample:

"I love this festival!"

"I am so honored that I have been able to be a part of this festival for two years in a row. You guys are amazing."

"I am so grateful to have been included in these awards. Thank you for seeing me!"

"Thank you so much for initiating the I See You Awards to acknowledge independent filmmaking."

Submit Your Project Today!

The 5th Annual I See You Awards®, which will be held in August 2021, is now open for submissions. We accept short films, feature films, webisodes, documentaries and screenplays. We are also accepting entries into our theme song contest! To submit your project, or for more information on the awards program, click here.

You can also watch our August 2020 virtual awards ceremony, by clicking here.

Keep grinding and rising, and we'll keep grinding and rising right along with you!

We see you!


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