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Screenwriter Kelly Karam Relishes Hard-won Success

In recognition of National Screenwriters Week, we thought there was no better time than now to shine the spotlight on a screenwriter who's been making a name for herself, one screenplay at a time.

In the highly-competitive business of screenwriting, Metro Detroit-based screenwriter Kelly Karam has found a way to stand out. And, with no formal training in the film industry, she's been racking up a number of highly-coveted and prestigious awards.

Her accomplishments include winning a Best Screenplay award for her script, Caroline Buxton’s Lipstick Posse, in 2019 at the 3rd Annual I See You Awards®.

Screenwriter Kelly Karam

Photo courtesy, Kelly Karam

Kelly Karam, left, celebrating her Best Screenplay win with I See You Awards® co-host/presenter Phil Elam at the Emagine Theater in Royal Oak, Michigan in August 2019.

Among a number of other notable accomplishments, Karam is also a Final Draft Big Break Semi-Finalist and a Page International Screenwriting Contest winner.

Karam's story is one of hard work, perseverance, believing in herself and networking. Yes, networking. You can listen to my report, which is featured on WWJ Newsradio 950, by clicking here.

For the more in-depth story, you can listen to our conversation on the latest episode of Terri Talks Movies on any of the following streaming platforms:

Editor's Note: As mentioned above, Karam's screenplay "Caroline Buxton's Lipstick Posse" won Best Screenplay at the 3rd Annual I See You Awards® in August 2019.

The 5th Annual I See You Awards®, which will be held in August 2021, is now open for submissions. To submit your project, or for more information on the awards program, click here.

You can also watch our August 2020 virtual awards ceremony, by clicking here.

We see you!

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