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Sneak Peek at Short Film Submissions - Part 4

This is the fourth installment of our sneak peek at the short films submitted into the 4th Annual I See You Awards®. As mentioned in our first post, published on 6/15/2020, we are sharing trailers (when available) for the films that have been submitted into our 4th Annual Awards program.

We hope you've enjoyed watching the various trailers, viewing the pictures and reading the synopses of the various projects we've presented thus far. We certainly have! We are always impressed by the level of talent we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to see! So, here are a few more for your viewing enjoyment!

Autumn Never Dies

Director Chris Quick is also one of the co-writers and producers of Autumn Never Dies. The short film is the sequel to the 2012 short film, 'The Greyness of Autumn'. In this film, featuring puppets Danny & Nelson, "when a new love interest enters into Danny's life, his past quickly comes back to haunt him and now must choose a path in life that will truly make him happy."


Badnapping is from Writer/Director Zakiyyah BG, based in Lansing, Michigan, who also works as an actor and photographer. In this short, with a runtime of slightly more than nine minutes, "an inept couple kidnaps a child from a wealthy widow only to learn that; somethings aren't worth taking."


CRINGE is from indie filmmaker/director Leo Ramsey, who hails from Winston Salem, North Carolina, grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri and now lives in Los Angeles. He is an aspiring actor, director, writer, musician and producer.

CRINGE, Ramsey says, "is a midwestern vendetta set in the dead of winter at a corner bar." It asks the question: “Do two wrongs make a right, or just make you even?”


Incline is from Detroit-based Writer/Director Ronnie Kirk, who studied filmmaking at The Los Angeles Film School. Incline asks the question, "When what you have isn't enough, and what you want isn't guaranteed, what should you do?"

Part Of Me

Part Of Me "follows a small tight-knit family and how they regroup after a dramatic life-changing event." It's the latest short from indie filmmaker Marcellus Cox, a native of Los Angeles. Cox says the film "deals with real life struggles that affect families every single day."

Thank you for joining us for this sneak peek into some of the indie film projects that have been submitted into the 4th Annual I See You Awards®!

Keep up the good work, indie filmmakers! We see you!

The 4th Annual I See You Awards® are sponsored by the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office, Emagine Entertainment, Final Draft, Paramount, and WWJ Newsradio 950, with additional partners Randazzo Formal Wear, The Lee Group, ES Communications Agency and Casey Sign Company.

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