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Sneak Peek at Short Film Submissions - Part 5

This is the 5th installment of our sneak peek at the short films submitted into the 4th Annual I See You Awards®. Yes, this is number 5! As mentioned in our first post, published on 6/15/2020, we are sharing trailers (when available) for the films that have been submitted into our 4th Annual Awards program.

We're sending a big THANK YOU to all of the filmmakers who submitted their projects. And, we're also sending out a big CONGRATULATIONS to all of the filmmakers for completing their projects. We know making a film isn't easy. That's why we like to say, "We see you!"


In Luccica, "A couple eagerly enter their married lives by renovating an old Victorian they hope will become their home. But tragedy strikes when the young wife unexpectedly commits suicide—right before her husband’s eyes."

Part of Me

"A college student attempts to navigate his daily life while trying to coexist with the depression that has been part of him for as long as he can remember."

Who Killed Romeo & Juliet?

"It is the day of the school production of Romeo and Juliet... but Juliet is missing. After receiving a mysterious text, Abigail, the understudy’s understudy for Juliet, is determined to find out what happened to the leading lady. But Abigail is torn: she wants to find out what is going on, but she also desperately wants to play Juliet. Enlisting the help of her two best friends, Abigail spends the day trying to find out who is attempting to sabotage the school play. But she soon realises that when it comes to the disappearance of Juliet, everyone is a suspect... including her unrequited love, Romeo."

'Who Killed Romeo & Juliet?' is a five part, teen-mystery web series.

Thank you for joining us for another sneak peek into some of the indie film projects that have been submitted into the 4th Annual I See You Awards®! If you missed any, you can always visit our blog to get caught up!

To the indie filmmakers, keep up the good work! We see you! And it is our pleasure to recognize your work!

The 4th Annual I See You Awards® are sponsored by the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office, Emagine Entertainment, Final Draft, Paramount, and WWJ Newsradio 950, with additional partners Randazzo Formal Wear, The Lee Group, ES Communications Agency and Casey Sign Company.

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