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We're Now Giving You a Sneak Peek at 2020 Feature Film Submissions!

Following up on our very well-received four-day sneak peek at the short films that have been submitted into the 4th Annual I See You Awards®, we're now providing a sneak peek at feature film submissions. Exciting, isn't it!

Well, as excited as we always are to see what indie filmmakers are up to, we didn't want to keep all the fun to ourselves, so here goes!

Neon Detroit Knights

Neon Detroit Knights is directed by filmmaker Quentin Howell, who also wrote and co-produced the film along with another well known Metro Detroit-based indie filmmaker, Lazar Favors.

Synopsis: "Lost deep undercover with no way out, Dee and Jay look to find redemption from the very guy they were placed undercover to take down back in the 80's. Still employed by the crime lord, they are tasked to keep the streets clean of unorganized criminal activity. Patrolling the night streets of Detroit, they catch up to criminals before the real cops arrive, and they negotiate with the suspects to join the organized crime family. One night while on a delivery mission they happen to cross paths with someone who takes them down a rabbit hole."

The Dental Plan

In The Dental Plan, "an unexpected patient takes a dentist and his assistant hostage, revealing uncomfortable truths about society and -- most of all -- those trapped in the office with him."

The film was written, produced and directed by Wayne Diu, who tells the I See You Awards® it was shot on location inside of an actual dental office.

The Forever Choice

In The Forever Choice, "Alan is battling depression and contemplating suicide and a grieving young nurse is all that stands between him and a decision that can never be undone."

Director Jeffrey Swerdan, who also wrote and produced the film, was born and raised in Michigan. After graduating from high school, he found himself living in Orlando Florida, where he worked for Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. It was during this time, Swerdan says, that he wrote and directed his first two short films and never looked back.

The Tent

The Tent is the feature film debut from Writer/Director Kyle Couch. The idea for the movie, Couch says, "came from having to deal with watching my own father go through dementia at 54 years old while I was a teenager."

Synopsis: "An apocalyptic event known as the Crisis has devastated David's world leaving him to rely on survival tactics learned from childhood. Isolated and alone, David has taken refuge in a tent on the edge of the wilderness. Soon enough, another survivor emerges, Mary, who immediately begins questioning David's tactics and ultimately putting them in the crosshairs of "Those Who Walk In Darkness", unseen creatures that may or may not be responsible for the Crisis."

Trista: A Depression Awareness Film & Educational Conversation

"Trista" is a two-parter from Writer/Director Christopher Eppes and his wife Angela Eppes, who co-wrote the film.

Part 1 - Trista, a young 20-something battles her depressive state.

Part 2 - The Educational Conversation invited viewers to join the mental health conversation as they interview four psychologists on how to combat depression.

The I See You Awards® would like to congratulate all of the filmmakers (of shorts and features, alike) on completing their projects. We see you!

We'd also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who submitted their projects this year. The judges are still reviewing the submissions, so be sure to continue following the I See You Awards® so you'll be among the first to know when the official selections are announced.

You can subscribe to our email list via our website. And be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The 4th Annual I See You Awards® are sponsored by the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office, Emagine Entertainment, Final Draft, Paramount, and WWJ Newsradio 950, with additional partners Randazzo Formal Wear, The Lee Group, ES Communications Agency and Casey Sign Company.

Editor's Note: trailers were included when available.

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